Dollywood changed me

Dollywood changed me

I used to think that I didn’t like country music.  All those twangy vocals and common chord structures.  Plus the lyrics often seemed comical.  Just think of the Loretta Lynn song titled “You’re the reason our kids are ugly”.  Or how about the lyrics in this George Strait song: “She tells her friends I’m perfect
and that I love her cat, but you know me better than that.”   To my mind, this was all hokie.

Then last week I went on vacation to Dollywood.

First of all, I learned that Dolly Parton is an amazing person.  She is kind and so generous.  And such an upbeat person, having worked her way through poverty to become a top star.

While at Dolly wood, we went to some of the shows.  Several members of her family sang there.  It was quite fun.  But then, I started to listen closer to the words of her songs.  She wrote about family, growing up, faith in your spiritual belief system, loving the beauty throughout nature, and appreciation of home.  Once I got into it, the experience was moving.  Country music showed itself as much more than just simple strumming and funny messages.  It was an entire world of experiences, from the silly and banal, to the deep and sentimental.

Yes, Dollywood changed me.  Like so many other genres, I learned that country music is cool, too.  I even like that twang.

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