A journey of discovery

A journey of discovery

As a species, humans have several traits that drive us towards a deeper appreciation of our world.  Two of them form the underlying canvas of many of our lives.  They are Curiosity and Creativity.


Thanks to curiosity, we are driven to continually learn.  As a result, we study everything;  from the physiology of muscle action, to the social mating behavior of bees, and deep into the origin of the universe.


Another major trait is the desire to create.  There is something built into our nature where we need to bear fruit from our ideas and imagination.  As a result, we have inventions like television and pogo sticks.  We have games like chess and Pac Man.  We have foods like Eggs Benedict and smoked barbecue spareribs.


Now think about our 5 primary senses.  Even with those, we are curious and creative.  For the sense of vision, we study light and colors.  We create magnificent works of art.  For the senses of taste and smell, we study how flavors mingle.  We create memorable culinary feasts. For the sense of touch, we study textures.  We create fascinating fabrics.  And finally, we come to the sense of sound.  With that, we study words and meaning.  We create inspiring oratory and transcendental poetry.  We study the interaction of audio waves in a concert hall.  We create music.

I love sounds.  The sound of a pin dropping has an esthetic appeal, as it briefly tingles its vibrations.  The cacophony of geese cackling madly is a music of its own.  Blowing a tone through an empty Coke bottle is a pleasing hum.  Now combine the wide variety of tonal textures into melody and rhythm.  That is heavenly.

These blogs are devoted to sound; specifically sound made into music.  I am learning about the process.  While learning,  I create pieces.  They can be in any style: classical, grunge, folk, calypso … whatever strikes me to learn and create.  In these adventures, I would like to share my discoveries with you.

My current focus has been to surround myself with realistically sounding, digitally created music.  So far, I worked with some digital audio workstations, specifically GarageBand and Cubase.  There is so much to learn.  Come along on this journey with me.


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