My Songs

My Songs

Strawberries and Cream

Just a happy little tune.



Fifty years ago, my piano teacher, Bill Crystal (no relation to the actor), wrote a piano arrangement of the song, More, from the movie Mondo Cane.  I have always enjoyed playing it.  But now, I wanted to do even more with More.  So I modified the arrangement, and added the violin and cello background …


Curious Kitten

I wanted a little playful tune, with a touch of nostalgia …


Beach Walk

Here I was envisioning being on a ’70s beach where a band was playing …


Travelling Kitty

We were travelling to Kentucky, taking Matthew and his cat, Coco, to their home.  Poor Coco was distraught, as he did not like to travel.  Matthew was talking to Diana Morgan over the phone, and she made up this little tune to ease Coco.  She sang it on the phone, and Matthew recorded it.  Then we put it on the speaker, and he suddenly became peacefully quiet.  It worked.

Afterwards, I added the musical instruments to her audio and doubled her vocal digitally, which is what we have here.  The iPhone vocal quality needs a bit of touch-up – maybe a task for another day …


Meditation 1

Diana Morgan asked for a song to use for meditative, healing purposes.  I improvised this one …


Stroll Down Easy Street

In this song, I wanted to evoke a little of the feel that one might have on a day in New Orleans …


Moving On

Diana wrote the words and melody many years ago, when she was living in Chicago.  Using her a-capella vocal recording that she sent to me, I  developed a chord structure and incorporated instruments to add to the feeling that she wanted to evoke …


Love Among the Ruins

I had the grandiose idea of writing a song based on real poetry, of which I would sing the words.  This is based on the  Robert Browning poem of the same name.  In my little recording basement studio, I tried singing to the song.  Well, it was a disaster; my voice makes wolves howl, and scares away prowlers.  So instead, I simply rewrote the song as an instrumental version …


Attic Remembrance

I imagined a person sitting in the attic and rummaging through the various boxes that have been stored there for years.  It brings back memories.


The Tortoise Philosopher

This started out as an improvisational piano piece.  Listening to the result, I envision a zen-like turtle meandering and pondering.


Sleep Tight, Mama

This is a lullaby.  I am wishing my family a good night’s sleep.


The following are some of my songs from the faux film, Midnight Never Ends.  

Keisha’s Discovery

The main protagonist of the film is Keisha, and this is where she makes the big discovery …


Far East Passage

At one point in the film, Keisha needs to travel to mysterious places in the far east.  This music plays during scenes of her travels …


Will They Make It

In this critical scene, Keisha and Willy are in a dangerous predicament. The question is, will they make it?